Kattie Thorndyke

Kattie Thorndyke

Ghost-writing CVs, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, books, and journal articles to save busy professionals time.

I always accelerated as a writer and speaker, but I took a detour for 14 years, pursuing the most difficult academic path I could find in engineering, motorsport, and aerodynamics. Now I'm back doing what I love: ghost-writing for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who just don't have the time.

I craft tailored, professional resumés to help professions land the job of their dreams. With just a couple emails, your old CV, and an understanding of where your career is headed, I save you hours of time and the headache of researching how to update your resumé.

Academic writing is a very particular skill that requires attention to detail and years of experience. After multiple graduate degrees and working in a professional engineering atmosphere, I can expertly write, edit, and help you publish peer-reviewed journal articles, technical memos, and proposals.

Entrepreneurs are inspirational to me, going out and doing things their own way. But they are often busy acquiring customers and executing, without much time to build their online presence. I love creating social media content, building up a LinkedIn profile, and writing website copy to help tell the story and attract the tribe.

If you need to offload some of the writing and editing tasks that are weighing you down as you slay in your zone of expertise, click here to get in touch, start a conversation with me, and see if I can help.