A Trial Run As A Copywriter

A Trial Run As A Copywriter

This week was a trial run at focusing solely on writing and ditching the editing. I decided to do this because I was feeling stretched too thin, and I was frustrated that I didn’t have the mental capacity to focus on my own creative projects.

It’s now been a whole week and here’s what I learned:

  • I like writing more than editing.

  • I enjoy working remotely with a team.

  • I don’t like tight timelines that keep me up until midnight or later.

  • I’m mentally taxed after technical editing, so much so that I can’t be creative after.

  • I want to pursue opportunities with people who are offering advancement.

  • I want to work with people who constantly teach me and push me to be better.

  • I can make enough money at just writing but it’s going to require some sacrifice.

All of the above points to a new plan

Pulling back on editing over the next couple of months so that I can move into spaces where I can grow, learn and become a better writer.

Can I pull the trigger now?

Uh. No.

I have a massive tax bill to pay and that will require some extra work next month to catch up on my own finances. And I need to make some decisions about the luxuries I currently have in my life and if they’re worth all this work.

But now I know where I’m headed and what feels best to me. Doing a trial run is the best way to determine if an opportunity is right for you without being financially irresponsible.

So if you want to try a new job, or to see if your side hustle can really make the money you need it to, take some time away from the grind and explore it. Don’t quit your job out of the blue. Take a week of vacation or a leave of absence to explore with the safety net in place.

You can do incredible things.

Just be smart about it.

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