How To Write Great Podcast Show Notes Quickly

How To Write Great Podcast Show Notes Quickly

Unless you’re a copywriter, like me, the last thing you want to do as your editing your podcast is write the show notes. To make the process much less painful for you, I’ve come up with a framework that you can run with. 

Podcast Show Notes in 3 Easy Steps

Keep in mind that there isn’t one right way to write show notes. Take a look at a few of your favourite podcasts, and you’ll see that everyone does it differently. But here’s a framework that you can use as is, or customize to your liking to get you started. 

1. Provide 2 Intro Paragraphs on the Podcast Guest / Topic

If you’ve launched a podcast where you interview guests, you’ll want to introduce them in the first paragraph so that listeners know who they will be learning from. Write 2 - 3 sentences on their background and what makes them interesting and motivational.

In the second paragraph write about what you and your guest discuss in the episode. Don’t give away the goods upfront, but instead provide a few details on the topics you cover that you know your listeners will be keen to dive into. 

2. Timestamp Important Lessons or Information

Make note of the timestamp when insightful information was given. I often write these statements starting with “How to…” or “The most important…” statements, because you want to make it enticing. These are quick, one-line bullet points so listeners can find information quickly.

I provide 10 - 15 timestamps for a podcast over a half hour, and 3 - 5 timestamps for a shorter podcast. It all depends on your audience as well. If your listeners want to know all the details, then provide more points here, but if they only want to know where the big 3 takeaways are, stick with a smaller number.

3. Add Links to Allow Listeners to Find You and Your Guests Online

Make space at the bottom of your podcast show notes to collect all the online links for people to find you and your guest. Include the guest’s website and social media handles, so that your listeners can easily connect with them. 

I’d also suggest having your own links at the bottom, so that people can find your blog, website, or social media presence. You could provide a landing page as the link for your listeners at the end of your show notes, if you have one set up already.

Tips To Write Your Podcast Show Notes Quickly

Podcast show notes should not take much longer to write than listening to the episode itself. I write my show notes as I’m editing the podcast, so it kills two birds with one stone, saving me time. If you use a consistent framework like the one above, you’ll settle into a rhythm and be able to write your podcast show notes quickly. 

If writing isn’t your thing, there are many ways to outsource your podcast show notes. Podcast producers can edit, write show notes, and release your podcast for you as a package deal. Freelance writers are able to turn around show notes very quickly on sites like Upwork. There are also a few select copywriters that specialize in podcast show notes that you can hire quite affordably. 

If you need some advice on your podcast show notes, or you’d like to outsource them, give me a shout. I’d love to help out.

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