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Episode 9: How To Set Boundaries to Work Hard and Play Hard with Heather Ricketts

Heather Ricketts owns her own boutique political and nonprofit fundraiser and compliance firm. Today she’s sharing with us the realities of having a side hustle in order to find work that feels good in your soul, and how she structures her day for maximum productivity, which also keeps her aligned with her fiancé’s work schedule. We talked about the value of a supportive partner in building a business, both emotionally and financially.

Heather and her fiancé subscribe to the work hard, play hard mentality. With her fiancé’s six weeks of paid vacation, Heather was motivated to jump into entrepreneurship so she could schedule her own time off and enjoy the breaks together. But in building her own business, it required a tremendous amount of work and it took years for her to put boundaries in place with her clients. Now she’s much more confident in communicating her boundaries, and letting clients know when she is and isn’t available, without guilt.

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Episode 8: Empowering Girls by Cultivating Creativity with Danielle Connolly

In today’s episode I chat with Danielle Connolly, founder and CEO of Make them Mainstream, an organization that empowers young girls through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. It’s no secret that there are very few women in STEM fields, and Danielle is on a mission to change this by working with young girls ages 4 through 9, their parents and teachers.

School was really hard for Danielle, who was always a creative. She was a dancer, an actor, and a writer, and never excelled in academia. But in her last year of high school she realized that math and science could be creative pursuits as well. She went on to become an engineer, and now frames the scientific method and engineering problem solving as creative processes. We chat about why this is critical for girls who want to pursue STEM, how our careers become our identities, and the challenges that women face in male-dominated industries.

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Episode 7: Setting Boundaries at Work with Celeste Ortiz

Today on the podcast I’m speaking with Celeste Ortiz, who is a mechanical engineer in California. We discuss the culture shock that she experienced, not only in the workforce, but also at university orientation. Celeste is one of the most self-aware women I know, and she’s teaching us the lessons she learned about speaking up and setting boundaries at work. 

Celeste also fills us in on the layers of being an enGIRLneer, which is her brand of apparel that she created to empower women in engineering. We also cover our tendency to let things slide and to stay quiet, because of being taught to protect our jobs at all costs. Celeste has found her voice and knows when to use it when something is not ok in the workplace.

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Episode 6: Follow Your Curiosities with Christine Sharpe

From childhood through university and into adulthood, Christine has always been a dancer. Although she’s a self-professed introvert, she loves the stage and performing. Needless to say, the traditional 9-to-5 job was never for Christine. Life as a performer often required a lot of side gigs, but she loved the flexibility. 

After getting married and having kids, Christine thought she’d be a stay-at-home mom, but life did not turn out the way she thought it would. A painful divorce taught Christine just how strong she really was, and how much change she was capable of withstanding. It was this event that was the catalyst to changing her life, allowing her to pursue her dream of opening a barre studio. We are chatting about what it takes to open a fitness studio, how women-led businesses operate differently, and what you can do to find your own business passion. 

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Episode 5: How To Speak Up at Work with Ami Au-Yeung

Today I am sharing a conversation with my friend Ami Au-Yeung, an HR professional turned career coach and writer. We chat about transparency and communication in the workplace, as well as speaking up when you are different from everyone you work with.

Ami intentionally recalibrated her career and she’s taking us on the journey of exactly how she made it happen. We chat about overcoming our critical inner voice and comparison to others. She also shares with us her simple cue card system, which she takes with her to remind herself of how she wants to feel at work and what type of work she wants to do.

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Episode 4: Trust the Process with Laura Milne

Today I have the pleasure of sharing my conversation with Laura Milne, who is a badass business and branding coach on a mission to serve and empower women. She is the co-founder of Luscious Hustle, a money mindset maven, and an incredible mom.

Laura explains why it’s so hard for us to make big career pivots, how we can transfer the skills from our university degrees to different jobs, and ways that we can check in with ourselves to see if we are in the right career. We talk about money, trusting the process, and getting resourceful to create the life you desire. 

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Episode 3: You Are Not Your Job with Betsy Milne

Today on the podcast I am speaking with transformational business and branding coach, Betsy Milne. Betsy is the cofounder of Luscious Hustle, which is on a mission to empower women to build businesses that support the lives they want to live.

Betsy and I dive into chasing titles, working with chronic illness, and all the issues surrounding getting paid what you are worth. We share war stories of working in very masculine energy professions, and the toll it took. But we also share how we were able to transfer our skills to completely different industries in order to find health, happiness, and fulfilment. 

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Episode 2: If This Is Success, I Don’t Want It with Karen Calder

In today’s episode I get to sit down and talk to my friend, Karen Calder. She is a badass career and corporate coach, a public speaker, an educator, and a consultant. She wears all of the hats and gives us some insight into how she does it. 

Karen has an extensive business background, and climbed the corporate ladder to the top. But once there, she made some really important realizations about what success meant to her. We explore a ton of topics to do with Karen’s journey, including false beliefs about paycheques, what it feels like when your job is killing you, and how to live from the inside out. 

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Episode 1: The Otherwise Intelligent Woman Podcast

Welcome to the very first episode of The Otherwise Intelligent Woman Podcast! Today I’m giving you a brief introduction to the podcast, myself, and what I hope that you’ll get out of each episode I release.